About Us

Offering unrivalled quality, Liberty Homes focuses on bespoke affordability and attention to detail that offers families shopping in the established market, an exciting new alternative. With brand-new established homes ready to move in, your dream home is closer than you think.

Pairing thoughtfully designed brand new homes with exceptional quality, Liberty Homes has everything you need at a great price.

As ready to move in as you are, Liberty Homes crafts fully-equipped homes and modern amenities with no hidden costs. Our bespoke range of affordable and available designer homes are suited to you, whatever your style.

Providing attention to detail and unrivalled quality for these brand new established homes, Liberty Homes offers families something the market can’t — you’re the first to turn your new house into a home. Work with us to find your new home today, Liberty Homes has the solution for you.

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Customer Testimonials

“Upon entering your Display Home, I was overwhelmed by the quality and design of the Home. I immediately knew that was the home I wanted.”

~ Maggie

“Liberty Homes guided me through the process, answered my questions promptly and treated me with the utmost respect.”

~ Lisa

“I was attracted to the convenience of an established property with the modern comforts and finishes of a new build. Liberty Homes has given me the best of both worlds”.

~ Lisa